Soirée en famille lorraine : dernière édition de l’année !

L’évènement « dîner en famille » permet de mettre en relation des étudiants américains du campus international du Georgia Institute of Technology et des élèves français en classe de 1ère et de terminale scolarisés dans des établissements de Metz et son agglomération.

Pour cette dernière édition de l’année scolaire 2017-2018, 7 étudiants américains ont été accueillis dans 5 familles françaises pour partager une soirée dans une ambiance familiale.

Enchantés de leur participation, 2 étudiants reviennent sur leur expérience :

« I had a lot of fun with my host family. I enjoyed going with another student from Georgia Tech Lorraine because we both worked together to understand the French family. I also liked how we went to a family where there were two daughters around our age because we had a lot to talk about. The parents were extremely kind and made amazing food and really cared about our experience in their home. I would definitely recommend other GTL students to participate in this program! The Metz Family event was absolutely amazing!!! »

« I was presented with an amazing opportunity to practice my French and see what French life was like. My family was kind, helpful, and supportive of my French. I would love to spend an evening with them again and I highly recommend this to any and all students at GTL. »